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In order of appearance in The Foundations of Eternity:

Observer Gohrlay - a phenotypically modernized Neanderthal. She is born at Observer Base and trained as an Observer. Gohrlay runs afoul of Overseer Doltun and is punished for her violations of the Rules of Observation.

Orbho Nan - Gohrlay's personal robotic aide. Nan is an "orbho" in the terminology in use at Observer Base while Gohrlay is alive. As an artificial lifeform, Nan has existed for thousands of years and served many humans as their personal assistant.  

Cliph - an Observer who helps Gohrlay reach Earth  

Overseer Doltun - a genetically modified variant of the common ancestor to Neanderthals and modern humans. Doltun is an Overseer who watches for the kind of Interventionist plot that Gohrlay is involved in.

Orbho Anagro - a robot at Observer Base. All of the robotic orbho were created by the Huaoshy.

Vicktir Klempse - a scientist who works with Gohrlay towards the goal of converting her brain's neural networks into positronic circuits.  

Wints - a roboticist who works to endow positronic brains with human-like minds.

R. Nahan
R. Nahan - a humaniform robot who worked closely with R. Gohrlay (see below), operating out of Observer Base.  

R. Gohrlay - the telepathic humaniform robot that used Eternity as a tool to perfect human existence on Earth. Eventually R. Gohrlay transfers its memories into a genetically modified human who uses the name "Gohrlay".
R. Rycleu reveals the truth

R. Rycleu - travels back in time to the 1930s in order to stimulate the development of positronics. In 1947 she provides information to Trysta and Merion that will help stimulate the development of positronics in England.

Trysta Iwedon - From a time over 10,000,000 years in the future. She traveled back in time with Merion to stimulate development of space travel on Earth in the 20th century.

Merion Iwedon - From about 90,000 years in the future. He traveled back in time with Trysta.  

Captain Ayoost - commander of the Many Sails for two missions to Observer Base during the time when Anagro was directing operations at the Base.

Engineer Lorn-Kru - a Social Engineer specializing in the design of genetic changes that will improve social dynamics. A member of the Ouwui species.  

Many Sails - artificial life form that is an intergalactic space ship with hyperspace drive  

Captain Hooski - commander of the Many Sails for the mission to study Galaxia. A Kac'hin, but often confused with and identified as a member of the Huaoshy species, the first species that developed the hyperspatial jump drive.  

Robot Jeed - chief cook and bottle washer for the Many Sails  

Astrogator Fint - experienced astrogator with long experience for the Social Engineering Guild, but the journey to Earth's galaxy is Fint's first intergalactic space flight. Member of the Guiphoa species.
Deltrijoshnypwannem species.

Demographer Wilry - experienced demographer of galaxies and member of the Deltrijoshnypwannem species.
Ghreliuw species

Historian Nadit Daanour - long-time colleague of Wilry. A member of the bipedal Ghreliuw.  

Citizen Alkeirs - only member of the initial crew of the Many Sails who is not a member of the Social Engineering Guild.  

Avizeh and Ladislas - Two humans at the Observer Base in the Large Magellanic Cloud that is visited by the Many Sails. Both members of a human variant subspecies engineered for protogyny.  

Sahiwha Nennoad - member of the Ressese species and leader of the "training mission" to Imfulri.  

Commander Orleane - physiologically Earth-standard human  

Roboticist Esselle - member of the genetically modified human subspecies, the Kighiz. She is the wife of Rewhand.  

Geneticist Rewhand - member of the Kighiz human subspecies. Husband of Esselle.

Robot Daveed Wavilo - Daveed works to help convert the worlds of the First Foundation into worlds of the Galaxia collective. Usually written as R. Daveed Wavilo.

Encyclopedist Pavao - Head of the Encyclopedia Galactica.  

R. Lackner - in charge of monitoring the world Imfulri. Has the body form of a member of the Ressese species.  

Canoir - Related to a character that was created by Isaac Asimov. Canoir is a genetically modified human, an hermaphrodite. Canoir received many memories from thons parent and is now in charge of completing Galaxia.  

Robot Creal - a humaniform robot that was sent on the Many Sails as a kind of Trojan Horse.  

Grean - a time traveling Kac'hin, often confused as being Huaoshy.  

Major Marcel - collected crash debris from the Brazel ranch  

Isaac Asimov - clerk for Major Marcel  

R. Fengtol - positronic brain robot working to stimulate research into positronics in North America  

Nora Winsou - a resident of Uvadekoto and the first person to take seriously the task of producing sedrons.  

Stan - the first person in Uvadekoto to conceive a theory of sedronic physics, making it possible to produce sedrons.  

Tilly Winsou - mother of Nora  

Jillia Winsou - sister of Nora  

Metslen Winsou - brother of Nora  

Karsa Winsou - cousin of Nora  

Prinstir - Nora's personal robot  

Dinster ("Diny"), Bernard ("Berny") and Riley ("Ril") - Nora's sons

Alastur - distant cousin of Nora  

Ormy Degsles - Chair of the Uvadekoto History Unit Tinsifur - robotic bar tender  

Zanset - robot who sells flowers to Stan  

Ambassador Dodd - representative of the World Government  

Skingk - alien robot  

Observer Lercimn - an acquaintance of Gohrlay who she tries to use to capture a Huaoshy spaceship.

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